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On an unknown Month and day in 1956 my father Ace Ruel built and opened the Rustic. He operated it for 20 years until March of 1976, when my Brother Marcel Ruel purchased and ran it until Sept 9 1988, for twelve years. On September 9, the day this latter is posted, 33 years ago, I purchased it.  My, the time has passed so quickly. In that 33 years there were many ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and successes and failures.  But, it has been our honor to serve this community for so many years.  As many of you know, the Rustic has been for sale for quite a while. It’s been a difficult road, and for some reason it seems a hard sell.  While covid-19 has played a part to some degree.  I certainly could provide many reasons for making this decision.  But honestly, the predominate reason is that I have  become fatigued with the pressures of running the Rustic  after so many years, and am in need of a less stressful  life, less it take my health as well.  Obviously the best scenario would be to sell without a break in service, but since that seems allusive, I am reminded of a saying my uncle told me at my father’s wake in 1995. As I looked at my dear father’s body, my uncle turned to me and said: “all good things come to an end, Mark”.  So, with that in mind, it is also time for the Rustic to come to an end.  On October 8, the Rustic will close for an undetermined amount of time.   Between now and then is a good time to use up any customer credits and gift certificates.  Bear in mind that we are still very short staffed and that may affect wait times.  I am sure many of you might come in numbers this last month, we hope you understand.  Please accept our, myself, and my wife Helen’s deepest gratitude for so many years of patronage. You know it’s an interesting thought that so many of our customers were coming as children, and now as adults, and some of their children as adults.  It’s a very sobering thought.   The Rustic is still under contract with KW real estate for several more months.  If you, or someone you know, would like to consider continuing the Rustic, feel free to contact Michael Albertson at:   michael@Strongwillvt.com.  God speed, and may God Bless. 


Mark, Helen, Scott, Sarah, and Staff.